digital blueprint

The project digital blueprint aims to build all the neccessary tools and processes to develop applications that are usable for a wide range of higher education institutions. Apps using this framework are able to seamlessly connect to existing local systems, can be adapted to specific CI/CD requirements and are available as open source in popular repositories.

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Our Software

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Creates an entrance ticket and imports your evidence of low epidemiological risk on your mobile device to validate it for admission - even before attending a course or exam. The ticket then enables you to access the university premises quickly and efficiently.

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An easy-to-use location based contact tracing system. Check-in to your seat via a QR-Code and help fight the pandemic!

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The dbp esign application is an electronic signature service that can sign documents using an advanced or qualified signature. The application provides a mobile first user interface, and can easily be connected to existing systems using APIs.

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Hybrid project management for agile teams.

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dual delivery

Postal and electronic delivery of documents.

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Electronic payments for universities.